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Gucci Osteria Florence

Hazelnut Cookies

A prized variety of hazelnut found uniquely in the Piedmont region of Italy, renowned the world over for its delicate aroma and exceptional texture, is transformed into a memorable flavor experience at the hands—and imagination—of our chefs.
Hazelnut Cookies
120 g
35 € / tin

Hazelnut Cookies

Embark on the richest of hazelnut journeys, encased in a luxurious tin depicting the historic Tribunale della Mercanzia building that dates back to 1359: a true Florentine landmark, home to the Gucci Garden and Gucci Osteria Florence. Discover cookies capable of creating intimate moments with familiar flavors that also lead to new discoveries.


00 flour, italian hazelnut, sucrose, 82% MG butter, whole eggs. Allergens: 00 flour, italian hazelnut, 82% MG butter, whole eggs.
Produced in a laboratory that uses milk. May contain nuts and soy.