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Gucci Osteria Tokyo

Savory Cookies Box

Unbox a gastronomical tour with this box of assorted savory cookies made with a rich combination of quality ingredients essential to Italian cuisine. Flavorful porcini mushrooms, precious saffron and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, are captured in three cookie varieties that make for a delightful accompaniment to any aperitif hour, snack time or an unforgettable end-of-meal treat.
Savory Cookies Box
420 gr
6,480 yen

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An assortment of three savory cookies, each capturing the wonderful flavors of Italian cuisine: Porcini Cookies with the rich umami of mushrooms, Saffron Cookies that are reminiscent of the famous Risotto alla Milanese a touch of paprika, and Cheese Sablé with an irresistible melt-in-your-mouth texture made with Italian Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a sprinkle of black pepper.


Porcini cookies: Flour, Unsalted butter, Porcini paste, Almond powder, Cane sugar, Frozen egg yolk (egg yolk, egg white processed product), Porcini powder, Kudzu, Salt, Trehalose, Baking powder, Sodium gluconate *Partially contains wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, and almonds

Saffron cookies: Flour, Unsalted butter, Onion puree (onion, soybean oil), Almond powder, Granulated sugar, Kudzu, Whole egg, Salt, Yellow pepper puree, Saffron powder, Trehalose, Baking powder *Partially contains wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, almonds, and soybeans

Cheese cookies: Natural cheese (made in Italy), Flour, Unsalted butter, Almond powder, Whole egg, Granulated sugar, Kudzu, Black pepper, Salt, Trehalose, Cellulose *Partially contains some wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, and almonds