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Ditta Artigianale x Gucci Osteria

Geisha Washed Coffee Blend

Finca El Puente Geisha Natural is crafted from selected coffee beans from the high mountains of Honduras, characterized by an acidity similar to mandarin with sweet notes of ripe fruit reminiscent of plum. The preferred blend by Co-Executive Chef Karime López, it presents a round body with a persistent honey-like aftertaste.
Geisha Washed Coffee Blend
200 g
50 € / box

Exclusive micro lots, direct relationships with producers, specialty roasting techniques – these are just a few elements that have created Ditta Artigianale’s excellence in coffee. Discover two limited-edition, premium coffee blends that highlight quality craftsmanship driven by passion, developed in collaboration with Gucci Osteria Florence’s Co-Executive Chefs Karime López and Takahiko Kondo for La Dispensa.



Ground Coffee.

Local Excellence, Heritage, and Joyful Creativity.

La Dispensa, Italian for ‘the pantry,’ is a series of limited-edition products born from the philosophy of local excellence, heritage, and joyful creativity. An intimate collection of gourmet delights are created through exclusive collaborations with selected partners. Discover our special curation designed to inspire the modern pantry and bring the Gucci Osteria magic to your everyday life.

Gucci Osteria La Dispensa

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We are inviting new partners to join us in exclusive collaborations for the La Dispensa collection. Are you a small business or an artisanal company whose products share the same values as us? Contact us using the link below.