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Traditional Panettone

Light, airy, and fragrant, this timeless winter classic is synonymous with the festive season in Italy. Mark your holidays with our exclusive, limited-edition Gucci Osteria 2023 Traditional Panettone, presented in a specially designed decorative tin box.
Traditional Panettone
0.5 kg
130,000 ₩

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Traditional Panettone
Traditional Panettone

Dotted with candied orange and enriched with hints of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, this year’s Traditional Panettone brings a contemporary touch to a festive Italian favorite.

Naturally leavened baked product -500g (17.63 oz / 1.10 lbs) ℮Ingredients: soft wheat* flour type 00, butter*, “A” quality egg* yolk, raisins (12%), candied orange (10%) (orange peel 40%, sugar, glucose syrup), sugar, natural sourdough yeast (soft wheat* flour type 00, water), water, milk*, candied orange paste (0,8%) (orange peel 40%, sugar, glucose syrup), emulsifier: mono-anddiglycerides of fatty acids, cream*, salt, acacia honey,corn starch, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. Store in a cool and dry place at 20-22°C (68-72°F). *Contains allergens -May contain traces of nuts, soy and sesame.