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Gucci Osteria Seoul

Caviar culinary experience

An exclusive collaborative event with Chef Eom Tae-jun from 1-Michelin-star restaurant Solbam in Seoul, Chef Jae Bang from Freyja restaurant in Australia, and Chef Hyungkyu Jun. Join us for a special 6-course caviar menu and wine pairings at Gucci Osteria Seoul.
This exclusive dining event is set to be an unforgettable celebration of culinary excellence and exquisite flavors as acclaimed chefs Eom Tae-jun and Jae Bang and Chef Hyungkyu Jun present a collaborative menu with signature dishes. Each course will feature ingredients generously donated by our sponsor, Sturia Caviar, one of the world’s leading producers of ethical caviar, perfectly paired with selected wines.
Caviar culinary experience
Lunch - July 21st
350.000 KRW

Dinner - July 21st
550.000 KRW