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Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills

Special Panettone

Bringing new flavors to a time-honored Italian festive classic with rich and nutty pecan and tangy, sweet amarena cherries marrying harmoniously with smooth chocolate bits offering a festive combination on the palate in this special edition panettone.
Special Panettone
1 kg
160 $

Light, airy, yet filled with new and intriguing flavors, elevate your holiday season with the limited-edition Gucci Osteria 2023 Special Panettone with Pecan, Amarena and Chocolate, made exclusively by Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills chefs and presented in a specially designed decorative tin box.

Flour, Butter, Amarena Cherries, Pecans, Chocolate, Sugar, Yolk, Honey, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Pecan Extract, Kirsch Extract, Citrus Extract, Vanilla, Enzyme
Glaze: Sugar, Egg Whites, Ground Almond, Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Fibres Contains egg, milk, soy, tree nuts, wheat. The products are made in a factory that uses: egg, milk, soy, tree nuts, wheat.