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Gucci Osteria Tokyo

Sweet Cookies Box

Deliciously sweet, this six-cookie assortment appeals to all the senses. Find Italian classics: Biscotti Caprese, Baci di dama and Sbrisolona, as well as Coconut Biscotti, Lemon Kompeito and Blueberry Cookies. A delightful selection to satisfy any sweet tooth, ideal when entertaining guests or as a delectable accompaniment to an after-dinner coffee.
Sweet Cookies Box
360 gr
6,480 yen

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An assortment of three savory cookies, each capturing the wonderful flavors of Italian cuisine: Porcini Cookies with the rich umami of mushrooms, Saffron Cookies that are reminiscent of the famous Risotto alla Milanese a touch of paprika, and Cheese Sablé with an irresistible melt-in-your-mouth texture made with Italian Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a sprinkle of black pepper.


Coconut Biscotti Flour, Unsalted butter (domestic production), Sugar, Coconut fine, Frozen egg yolk (Egg yolk, Egg white processed product), Coconut liqueur, Salt, Bleach, Trehalose, Fragrance
*Partly contains wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, and almonds

Lemon Kompeito: Granulated sugar, Starch, Lemon, Rice powder, Fragrance, Coloring (gardenia pigment)

Biscotti Caprese: Flour, Unsalted butter, Sugar, Chocolate (Sugar, Cacao mass, Vegetable oil, Whole milk powder, Lactose, Cocoa butter), Brown sugar, Cacao powder, Frozen egg yolk (Egg yolk, Egg white processed product), Fragrance, Emulsifier, Trehalose
*Partly contains wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, and soybeans

Baci di dama: Unsalted butter, Sugar, Hazel powder, Flour, Chocolate (Cacao butter, Sugar, Whole milk powder, Skimmed milk powder, Whey, Butter), Egg, Salt, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Coloring (Charcoal powder)
*Partly contains wheat, milk ingredients, and eggs

Sbrisolona: Almonds, Flour, Sugar, Unsalted butter, Corn flour, Frozen egg yolk (egg yolk, egg white processed product), Lemon zest, Flavoring, Trehalose
*Partly contains wheat, milk ingredients, eggs, and almonds

Blueberry Cookies: Unsalted butter, Cocoa butter, Powdered sugar (Sugar, Wheat starch, Vegetable oil), Almond powder, Cornstarch, Flour, Sugar, Blueberry powder, Blueberry puree (Blueberry, Invert sugar syrup)
*Partly contains wheat, milk ingredients, and almonds