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Hyungkyu Jun and Davide Cardellini have collaborated to create next-level gastronomic experiences, harnessing both Korean and Italian ingredients.

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Meet Hyungkyu Jun and Davide Cardellini, our brilliant Gucci Osteria Seoul Executive and Head Chefs

Korean-born Hyungkyu Jun and Italian native Davide Cardellini cook together in perfect harmony. They offer their vision of authentic Italian cuisine through a playful Korean interpretation showcasing no-border innovation.

Gucci Osteria Seoul

Davide Cardellini & Hyungkyu Jun

Trained at the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and the US, Hyungkyu Jun and Davide Cardellini happily share their experiences with the blessing of their mentors, Massimo Bottura and Karime Lopez. Together, they have established a contemporary and empowering vision of Italian-Korean cuisine in Seoul.
Massimo Bottura
Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano cream

One of the key figures in the new Italian cultural Renaissance is Massimo Bottura of three Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana in Modena. Granting Hyungkyu Jun and Davide Cardellini and the freedom to be expressive and progressive, Massimo gave his blessing to the pair, challenging them to be daring. With this in mind, the two have the support and opportunity to evolve, pushing both Italian and Korean cuisine to new levels.




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